Norwegian Salmon wanted to promote its products in Indonesia, but the company is facing a number of challenges. Limited public knowledge on the benefit of salmon, low consumption level of raw salmon, and the perception among Indonesians that salmon is for high-class consumption.

Strategic Approach

Edelman Indonesia helped Norwegian Salmon facilitated strategic partnership with the largest Sushi restaurant chain in Indonesia, Sushi Tei, Farmers Market, and Ranch Market. The campaign highlighted the quality of Norwegian Salmon: fresh, contains vitamin D, which is very good for children, and larger fish, as Norwegian Salmon breeds in cold arctic water. These messages were conveyed through a series of activities to educate the people on the benefit of salmon for health:

Sushi Mosaic
Ranch Market 15th Anniversary: Talkshow on healthy diet
Norwegian Salmon Sushi Gathering with Norwegian Embassy
Fun Day with Kids
Master Chef class Event
Norwegian Chef Profiling
Talk show on “Facts and Myths of Salmon” in Mom & Me Event
Media Trip to Norway


The campaign resulted in a total PR Value of USD 4.427.157 on Partnership with Farmers Market and Ranch Market. In addition to that, Norwegian Salmon gained a total PR Value of USD 350.160 on Partnership with Sushi Tei. As per December 2013, all of the articles published are in positive tones, and most of the key messages of “the benefits of salmon” were conveyed in the headlines.