Proper diabetes management is mission critical for Indonesia, which ranks fourth in number of diabetic patients globally. Novo Nordisk is proposing to address the issue through a multi-stakeholders collaboration by launching a study called Blueprint for Changing Diabetes in Indonesia and Jakarta Diabetes Forum to follow up on the study’s recommendation.

Strategic Approach

Edelman Indonesia was assigned to raise awareness on the issue and launch the report, garnering key stakeholders’ support in the process.

Throughout 2014. Edelman Indonesia maintained constant visibility of Novo Nordisk and relevancy of its diabetes messages among general public to create association of diabetes treatment with Novo Nordisk.


The Novo Nordisk project was a resounding success as there was variety in news angles which strengthened Novo Nordisk’s reputation and raised awareness on diabetes amongst a diverse readership demographic from a range of publications (health, business, parenting, women, men, etc.).

Edelman Indonesia garnered more than 200,000,000 media impressions through the media events conducted, and generated over US$ 1,500,000 equivalent editorial value to date.