In 2014, the EU Delegation decided to establish a new format – Destination Europe, the first ever European travel and culture fair in Jakarta.

Strategic Approach

To reflect the unique concept of this event, Edelman Indonesia implemented a comprehensive campaign that featured messages on tourism and culture to enhance the wider partnership between the EU and Indonesia.


Destination Europe was able to attract almost twelve thousand visitors; EU Games and trivia quizzes attracted more than 4,000 participants; the Destination Europe Twitter account secured 206,300 impressions and the EU’s Facebook page received 61,520 likes (1,488 new fans).

Edelman Indonesia’s support to the EU Delegation covers a number of areas: key message and communication plan development; influencer mappings and engagement; annual development report concept, development and launch; EU Delegation social media channels maintenance; relationship index development; video creation; media mobilization for conferences, events, project visits; etc.